Art Upload May 11th 2017

Here is some artwork I did between March 2017 and May 2017. I completed 3 paintings in this time including a Tulip Painting in Pointillism and 2 small 9″x12″ paintings of a Red Trillium and Green Heron. I also did a pastel drawing of Tulips and played around with Contee and Charcoal

Tulips Pointillism 2017



Green Heron 2017



Red Trillium 2017



Tulips Pastel 2017



Pepsi the Cat 2017



Cat In A Box 2017



Pepsi The Cat Charcoal 2017



Cat In A Box Charcoal 2017



Trout Jump 2017



Monarch on Aster 2017



Monarch on Aster Contee 2017


Turkey Rough Drawing 2017



3 thoughts on “Art Upload May 11th 2017

  1. The pointilistic tulips is the best for me, you should do more pointilst work, they are excellent. Although I do like the heron – it has a looser style.
    Why don’t you release paintings onto the blog as they are completed, rather than as blocks. You might get more visitors if you did? That is if you want more traffic.


    1. I probably should releases them as they come, but I usually photograph them all at once, also, with my blog theme it would be so crowded to see 100 paintings and drawings when visiting my home page. I’ll keep it the way I do it now

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