St Lawrence Dusk Pointillism Process.

Here is the process I took to create my “St Lawrence Dusk Pointillism Painting. This was a very time consuming painting, but feel I did a good job on it. The painting alone took 20 hours,  and the drawing took an additional 4.5 hours. I and I really like the composition I got from my original photo that I took in July 2016.


Here is the original photo I took in July 2016. You can see it is an evening scene. 1 Thing that concerned me about turning this into a painting was the lack of contrast in the tree. But I felt it was still enough to make an effective painting.  I also liked the subtle gradient on the Island from yellow ochre in the left hand side to the more bluish green on the far right.


The first step was a few rough drawings using a grid, and without a grid. I always compare the two and see how my perception is different in each version. Although I don’t need to use a grid all the time, and you might wonder why bother especially with organic shapes like a tree. I feel that there are set rules in trees that take a lot of practice to get right.  So I still find it important to get a technically accurate tree even though trees are extremely varried.


Here are my 2 versions.


St Lawrence Dusk with Grid 2016


St Lawrence Dusk without Grid 2016


The next step was the actual graphite outline I would use on the painting. I too also drew out a grid. Using a 6″x4″ photo and extending it to 24″x16″ and adding to the bottom. I also had a 10″x8″ printout that I used. This process actually works quite well on a computer using photoshop or gimp. The reason I used actual printouts for this painting was because I have been having problems with Windows 10 and just wanted to try something different


Here is the actual outline drawing. It took me a total of 4.5 hours to perfect and transfer to canvas. This is the perfected version on the canvas. After the drawing was completed I applied the back of the sheet of paper with graphite, then put it on top of the canvas and started pressing in my lines. The graphite then transferred onto the canvas. You need to be very careful when doing this process so that the drawing doesn’t shift with the pencil going over it.


St Lawrence Dusk Outline

Here is the first photo of the painting 4.5 hours into the painting process

St Lawrence Dusk Pointillism V1


Here is the second proof, 10.5 Hours in.

St Lawrence Dusk Pointillism V2


Here is the third proof 16.5 hours in.

St Lawrence Dusk Pointillism V3



And here is the finished painting after all the hard work was done.

St Lawrence Dusk Pointillism 2017




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